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Aug 07 2011

I survived institute!

Well, the subject sums it up. I survived what I have been told is one of the harder experiences I will go through as part of TFA and what different people have labeled as “boot camp”, “hazing”, “prison”, and “not as bad as people make it seem.”
My institute experience was a decent one. During institute, I think I only partially realized what I went through. Looking back, at first, it does not seem as bad as people described it to me. When I examine it closer, I realize that it was definitely exhausting. I made it a point to do almost nothing TFA related from 4:15 on Friday afternoons (when sessions ended) to Sunday afternoon or so because that was almost the only free time we got. I am the type of person who like to do things slowly and leisurely. In college, I would pull all-nighters sometimes as I…

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May 30 2011

Starting the Journey

It is crazy to thing that it hasn’t even been five months since I first found out that I got into Teach For America and that I would be teaching high school math in Newark. Since then, it has been a crazy whirlwind of emotions as well as a hectic time with lots to do…

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